Ensemble Topogràfic


Ensemble Topogràfic is a Barcelona settled collective formed by Anna Hierro (movement) and Carlos Martorell (sound, coding) in permanent research of interaction between both parts. 

‘Llac’ (Lake) is our last performance piece premiered in October 2016. A journey in which technology is both a medium and a background for the abstract story based in dual existence between reality and avatar, the digital legacy, and our relationship with society in both sides of the screen from a romantic point of view. 

Technology is also a link between us. Ensemble Topogràfic takes improvisation as a starting point in their shows. The most prominent tool onstage is a Myo armband which allows Anna to create her own sound intimately bond to her movements, and to manage whole parts of the show. Our shows will always be unique.

 Foto: Edu Pérez

Foto: Edu Pérez